Flyana Boss Talks Working 2 Years for Viral Moment, Queen Latifah Showing Love, Being Barbz + More!

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The Dynamic Duo and viral sensation Flyana Boss came to the Lemonade stand and spilled about life after they took the internet by storm. The “You Wish” rappers discussed the road to their viral success and how they posed 3-4 videos a day before they got their “moment.” The two talked about all the A list love they’ve received since running their way into to the spotlight. The ladies shared their love for Nicki Minaj but who do they want a future collab with? You have to watch the full interview to get this Lemonade. So grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Kierra Sheard Talks Pregnancy, Transparency About Sex In the Church, Marriage, and Her Latest Book!

Lemonade stand don’t hate me but this one got past me on the Essence coverage. I talked to Gospel music’s daughter Kierra Sheard-Jordan. The newlywed and expecting mother came to the Lemonade and spilled on all the new chapters in her life. We also talked about her honesty about her own pre-material sex journey and the difference with her husband. You know our good sis is always working so we discussed her latest book and so much more. Get into this good churchy glass of Lemonade. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Kash Doll Talks Not Always Getting Love In Detroit, Finally Finding Peace, Viral Hairstyles+ More!

Rapper and actress Kash Doll came to the Lemonade stand a spilled honey! The ‘Ice Me Out’ rapper discusses her almost decade in the game and what brings her peace these days. When it comes to validation or where fans believe she should be on the charts doesn’t bother her these days. Kash Doll says the only thing she needs is her 1 year old son. The Detroit emcee says that she’s won’t do what everyone else is to get on top of the rap game. Has Kash Doll heard about her viral hair? You’re going to have to watch the full interview to see if she keeps up with her trending tresses. Grab a cup, throw it back and sip on all of that!

Flau’jae Talks New Music With Lil Wayne, Top 5 Rappers & Bball Players, Going to the WNBA, And More!

National basketball champion and rapper Flau’jae stopped by the Lemonade stand to spill on what fans have been wanting to know. We watched as the rising rapper was endorsed by Young Money legend Lil Wayne. The pair was said to have music on the way…Well Flau’jae spills a little lemonade on that feature with Weezy. Does the rapper plan to go to the WNBA considering she makes more money than the women in the league? You’ll have to watch the interview to find out! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on all of that!

Jess Hilarious Talks Backlash From Trans Comments, New Relationship, Co-parenting, New Shows + More!

Jess Hilarious came to the Lemonade Stand to reunite me with the DMV energy, Jess came and spilled on a few things we’ve all been watching go down on social media. I wanted to know if they masculine appearance comments bother her and how do they make her feel. I asked Jess if she’s considerate of the content that she posts now that her son is old enough to see it. We also discussed co-parenting and why it’s so important for her to share with her audience her co-parenting. The Wild N Out comedian has several projects coming out this fall, to hear them all grab your glasses! Your a cup, throw it back, and sip on all of that!

Pastor Mike Jr. Talks Making Stellar History, His Short Comings, ‘Impossible’ Album, & Viral Success!

Pastor Mike Jr. came to the Lemonade and spilled on his award winning album. Pastor Mike Jr. came to the stand on the heels of making Stellar award history. PMJ won 8 stellars, on top winning artist of the year 3 years in a row. The “Impossible” singer talked about his album and we went through every track. Lemonade stand this was a person favorite for me. If you know Pastor Mike you know he’s going to preach so this thing was an interview, a word, and some fun facts. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on all of that!

Omg Girlz Talk Lawsuit Loss, ‘Lover Boy’ Release After 10 Years, Touring Again, New Album + More!

The OMG Girlz dropped by the Lemonade Stand on the hills of a 10 year wait for their song “Lover Boy.” The trio talked about their trademark lawsuit bringing them together to record again. The “Gucci This (Gucci That)” singers discussed recording music after a decade and what the fans can look forward to , including a music video for the long awaited song. Will the ladies drop an album? Will they continue to pursue the Lawsuit of their trademark? You have to pull up and park it at the Lemonade stand to find out! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on all that!

Lemonade Stand Live at Essence Fest: ‘The Chi’ Cast Talks New Season and What People Can expect!

A whole cast of fine men and a beautiful queen came to the Lemonade stand! The cast of the hit show “The Chi” came joined me live from Essence Festival. Luke James, Jacob Latimore, Birgundi Baker, and Curtiss Cook spilled on the upcoming season of “The Chi” dropping in August. Watch as they show Lena Waithe love and give her flowers! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Lemonade Stand Live at Essence Fest: Erica Campbell Talks Gospel Trap Backlash, Reality TV & More!

One half of gospel group Mary Mary, Erica Campbell came to the Lemonade stand and was spilling! I asked the “God in me” singer how she feels about the backlash she received when she dropped “I luh God,” now that trap gospel has become more prominent. I also asked Erica if she’d be open to returning to reality TV with her family. She shares what a TV executive said to her about black women and reality TV….It’s going to gag you so go ahead, grab your glasses this interview is full of Lemonade!