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Jordyn & Jodie Woods Talk Growing Confidence, Public Spotlight, & Black Women Showing Up For Them!

Lemonade stand gather round! I got a chance to talk to Jordyn and Jodie Woods. Fresh off the stage at Essence’s GU Disruptor Summit the ladies came by to spill a little bit at the stand. I wanted to know how these young ladies have championed their confidence while growing up in the public eye. I also wanted to know how importance black women showing up for these two meant to them. You know Jordyn doesn’t really do interviews so this one was special to me! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Bambi Talks New Book ‘Mommy, I Want to Go Home,’ Talks Ex Scrappy, Erica Mena Exit, Hate, & More!

New author Bambi came to the lemonade stand to talk about her new book “Mommy, I Want to Go Home.” The Love and hip hop alum came to spill on the hard conversations that she had to have with her kids about divorce and what inspired her new book. How does Bambi feel about her ex’s newly rekindled relationships…You gone have to go ahead and watch this interview to go this interview.

Marlon Wayans Talks New Stand Up, Grieving His Parents, Chris Rock Slap Being Payback, & Jada & Will

Marlon Wayans came to the Lemonade stand and as always he spilled! The comedian talked about his latest stand up special being shot at the Apollo. The “Wayans Brother” star talked about 3 decades of work that he and his family have contributed to Hollywood and whether they received their flowers. Marlon shared his thoughts on the Will Smith and Chris Rock infamous slap…I had to know did he feel a little vindicated after Chris Rock heckled him at his first stand up gig…To hear his answer you’re going to have to get this Lemonade for yourself. Grab a cup, throw it back, sip on all of that!

Muni Long Talks New Single ‘Made for Me,’ Song Writing Journey, Predicting AI in Music Biz + More!

Muni Long came to the Lemonade stand to talk her latest single “Made for me.” The “Hrs And Hrs” singer spilled on her success since the hit single. Muni also talked about her healing journey, physically and mentally. The singer has struggled with challenges with her voice for the past few years and finally feels like she’s getting her voice back to normal. The Grammy winning singer says that she also predicted the future of music and AI several years ago. To see what her idea was you”re going to have to get into this interview! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Jekalyn Carr Talks Upcoming Album ‘Jekalyn,’ Being Ready For Marriage, Growing Up In Church + More!

A gospel great came to the Lemonade stand and gave us a good glass! Grammy nominated Jekalyn Carr came to the stand to tell us about her upcoming self titled album “Jekalyn.” The “Bigger” singer talked about creating music that isn’t similar to her earlier traditional sound. The Jekalyn beauty CEO talks about her life growing up in front of the church and some difficulties she experienced coming up in front of the public eye. How is dating as a young Christian singer? Jekalyn spills it all on her love life and when she wants to walk down the isle. You have to grab your glasses and watch this interview. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on all of that!

Mehgan James Talks New Basketball Wives of Orlando, Rob Kardashian Rumors, Who She Would Date & More

Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives alum Mehgan James came to the Lemonade stand and spilled on everything from her early years on reality TV to her personal life you’ll see showcased on the newest franchise of Basketball Wives. The reality star spills her very viral podcast “The Hollywood Group Chat” and making amends with the guests that have had controversial interviews on her show. Did Mehgan actually date Rob Kardashian? You’re going to have to watch the full interview to find out! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on all of that!

Bill Bellamy Spills Never Before Told Stories about Aaliyah & R. Kelly, Biggie, and More!

Bill Bellamy is known for being a story teller and he came to the Lemonade stand and did just that! The ‘Love Jones’ Actor talked about some of his most memorable moments with icons. The former TV host shared never before told stories about stars like Michael Jackson, Biggie, Aaliyah and R. Kelly. The comedian detailed a very interesting moment between him, R.Kelly, and Aaliyah. What was one of Biggie’s biggest fears? You’ll have to watch to find out! Lemonade stand you’re definitely going to want to hear this one! So grab your cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Flyana Boss Talks Working 2 Years for Viral Moment, Queen Latifah Showing Love, Being Barbz + More!

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The Dynamic Duo and viral sensation Flyana Boss came to the Lemonade stand and spilled about life after they took the internet by storm. The “You Wish” rappers discussed the road to their viral success and how they posed 3-4 videos a day before they got their “moment.” The two talked about all the A list love they’ve received since running their way into to the spotlight. The ladies shared their love for Nicki Minaj but who do they want a future collab with? You have to watch the full interview to get this Lemonade. So grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Kierra Sheard Talks Pregnancy, Transparency About Sex In the Church, Marriage, and Her Latest Book!

Lemonade stand don’t hate me but this one got past me on the Essence coverage. I talked to Gospel music’s daughter Kierra Sheard-Jordan. The newlywed and expecting mother came to the Lemonade and spilled on all the new chapters in her life. We also talked about her honesty about her own pre-material sex journey and the difference with her husband. You know our good sis is always working so we discussed her latest book and so much more. Get into this good churchy glass of Lemonade. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Kash Doll Talks Not Always Getting Love In Detroit, Finally Finding Peace, Viral Hairstyles+ More!

Rapper and actress Kash Doll came to the Lemonade stand a spilled honey! The ‘Ice Me Out’ rapper discusses her almost decade in the game and what brings her peace these days. When it comes to validation or where fans believe she should be on the charts doesn’t bother her these days. Kash Doll says the only thing she needs is her 1 year old son. The Detroit emcee says that she’s won’t do what everyone else is to get on top of the rap game. Has Kash Doll heard about her viral hair? You’re going to have to watch the full interview to see if she keeps up with her trending tresses. Grab a cup, throw it back and sip on all of that!