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NLE Choppa Talks Cottonwood 2, His 6th Sense, Sleeping With His Therapist, Sl*t Me Out Video+ More!

NLE Choppa came to the Lemonade stand and spilled on his latest album “Cottonwood 2.” The “Slut Me Out” rapper talked about how diversifying his sound gave him more exposure with this project. He talked about his viral video with Sukihana and how it could have been more x rated than the only fans version. NLE also spilled on some of his most freaky lines of his songs…Did he actually sleep with his therapIst? You have to watch the full interview to find out! So grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Janelle Monáe Talks ‘Float,’ Their #freeassmuthaf*** era, Biggest Misconception, & Nonbinary Journey

Singer and actress Janelle Monae stopped by the Lemonade Stand to spill on her latest single “Float.” Janelle talked about her free a** MuthaF**** era and what being carefree means to them. The “Yoga” singer discussed the biggest misconception about them and what they want people to know. They also talked about being the first nonbinary person to grace the cover of Ebony Magazine. Get a good glass to float on the haters with! Grab a cup, throw back, and sip on that!

Tink Talks Thanks 4 Nothing,Tour, Her Music Journey, Being Independent, Her Writing Process + More!

Chicago’s own R&B Princess Tink showed love to the Lemonade Stand fresh off the stage from her SOLD OUT ‘Thanks 4 Everything” Tour. Known for her story telling song writing ability, The “Toxic” singer discussed her process of making her music. Tink talked about her latest album “Thanks 4 Nothing” and the success she’s received on the road of her tour. We also played a round of “Too toxic” where she laid out everything that’s too toxic for her in a relationship. Tink has a GOODT memory because sis remembered a mistake I made in college 8 years ago….You have to grab a good glass to find out what happened! Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Saucy Santana Talks Female Rap Beef, 1800 Bad B, Caresha Please, New album, Being Gay in the Streets

Grab your glasses Saucy Santana came to the Lemonade and spilled a cup full! The social media socialite talked about his budding music career and new music is on the way. Saucy talked about why he’s always involved in the rap girl beef and how he stays out the middle of his friends in the industry. Santana also spilled on his popular saying “Caresha Please,” and if he got a cut from the popular podcast on Revolt! Does he think Caresha should change the way she talks?…Get the full Lemonade in the interview. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

Jonathan McReynolds Talks Blac Chyna Post, What Genre He falls Into, & Millennials Leaving Church

Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds stopped by the Lemonade Stand with Leah Henry to spill on his latest album “My Truth.” The ‘Make Room’ singer discussed how his stance on the culturally relevant phrase and how he used the term to experience his walk with God. Jonathan also spilled on why he decided to praise Instagram model and socialite Blac Chyna for her new walk with God.Jonathan also talked millennials leaving the church and his thoughts about it as a millennials. Would Jonathan McReynolds do secular music? You have to watch the full interview to get the Lemonade!

Bill Bellamy Talks Defends Chris Rock Stand Up, New Book, Social Media Comedians + More!

Def Comedy Jam alum and “How to be a player” star Bill Bellamy stopped by the Lemonade stand ahead of his new book “Top Billing.” Bill gave his thoughts on the Chris Rock’s stand up special on Netflix. The comedian also talked about why IG comedians may struggle in the stand up arena. To see me. teach Bill some new vocabulary, grab your glasses and sip on this interview.

Day 26 talks ‘Diddy-Bad Boy Curse,’ Their Reunion, Touring, Bad Edits From MTB , They SANG + More!

Reality TV royalty stopped by the Lemonade Stand backstage at the Millennium Tour! Day 26 stopped by with glasses FULL of Lemonade. The band talked about their time on their hit show “Making The Band,’ and shared moments they didn’t like too much. The group also talked about the Bad boy curse and if they fell victim to it. What’s next for Day 26? They share their plans for next year and what’s coming up next. This was a GOOD! Interview so grab your glasses and get ready to sip!

Lil Scrappy Talks Viral Video With Mama Dee, Millennium Tour, Take Off’s Passing, Crunk Music+ More!

Lil Scrappy came to the Lemonade Stand on the GO! I was back stage at the Millennium Tour and got to talk to Scrappy after his performance. The ATL Rapper talked about preforming on tour and his legacy in music, especially from the Atlanta area. He also talked about his impact on today’s artists out of Atlanta like the Migos. Scrappy also talked about the loss of take off and rappers safety as they move through out the industry. He also shared he has some new music coming out, so grab your glasses and get into this full cup of Lemonade!

Sammie Pulls Up On The Lemonade Stand To Talk The Verzuz, The Millennium Tour, & Is Sammie Single?!

One of the Lemonade Stands favorite guest is BACK! Sammie stopped by the stand after our notorious pandemic interview. The Atlanta singer talked about his Verzuz battle and the new formed group he’s in due to the highly streamed show! Sammie also talked about his new business ventures and new projects ahead! Is Sammie in a relationship? You have to watch to find out! So Grab your glasses, pull up and take a good glass of Lemonade from Sammie.