Sammie Talks New Album “Such Is Life,” His Run In With Police Brutality, & Get’s “Nasty” With A Game Of Never Have I Ever

R&B singer Sammie stopped by the Lemonade Stand Live to talk about his latest Album “Such is Life…” The “I like it” singer talked about nabbing the number #1 R&B album in the country with features from R&B veteran Tank and Power star Rotimi. As race is at the forefront of everyone’s mind currently, Sammie shared his experience with police brutality, where he had a gun held to his head. If you have the opportunity to check the album out, just know Sammie showed us how “Nasty” he can get with an X-rated game of Never have I ever. This interview IS NOT FOR KIDS! Grab a cup, Throw it back, and Sip on all of that (It’s a lot to sip chile)!

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