Mathew Knowles Talks Legacy, His Kids, Sets The Record About Himself, & The Interview Went LEFT QUICK!

WARNING: Whatever you do…DO NOT compare Beyoncé to Chloe Bailey on Mathew Knowles watch!

Lemonade Stand when I tell you this is the interview y’all have to grab your glasses for! It was going so well until it didn’t! I sat down with the legendary Dr. Mathew Knowles. Knowles is a legend in his own right as a music executive, manager of the best selling girl group in the world, label owner, father, and grand father. We talked about everything from his time with Destiny’s Child to his legacy in the business, to his superstar Kids Beyonce and Solange. The end the interview definitely took a turn but in true Lemonade fashion we got a full glass to sip on. Make sure your check out his new podcast “Impact” with Mathew Knowles on iHeartRadio. Grab a cup, throw it back, and sip on that!

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